Chicago Window & Glass FAQ

Commonly Asked Window and Glass Questions, Answered!

Our team put together this small Chicago window & glass FAQ (frequently asked questions section) to help customers make an informed decision on there window or glass repair service that they may require.

Normally, your average tempered glass can cost approximately $25 per square foot. Most companies will allow you to have these manufactured to the size requirements that you need to fit in either a window (usually above a walkway) or a sliding glass door.

Prices for glass can vary from company to company but normal averages are between $55 to $75 for single plate glass repair. For double pane glass it can range from $85-$900 depending on the size of the double pane glass unit and if it is tempered or not. If it is being installed into your home such as with a bay window system this can inflate the price sometimes to $600-$1200. Sending over photos and measurements to the company is the best way to find out exactly how much it would be exactly.

Usually it is cost-effective to have panes of glass cut. You can provide a size and the cost breakdown will be given to you over the phone or in an email from an established glass company.

A tempered glass (safety glass usually about four times stronger than regular glass) unit will shatter into many small particles that are relatively harmless to avoid cutting or injuring a person. Your standard glass will break into shards which can be illegal or extremely dangerous in certain applications such as a sliding door or storm door.

A tempered glass unit is cut to the exact shape and size before it is tempered. After your unit is tempered you are unable to cut it as it will shatter into small particles.

A single sheet of glass is called a windowpane.

Sheet glass is a more common type of glass, plate glass is usually utilized in large picture windows or commercial settings.

If your glass is broken and it is a single pane window such as a storm window you can have just the glass replaced. However, if it is a double pane unit you will need to have both panes replaced, since they are sealed together as one complete unit.

Double pane glass can cost $85-$900 depending on the total size of the double unit that is required.

Unfortunately, you would have to remove the entire unit as they are sealed together with an argon gas in the middle. A new double pane unit can cost anywhere between $85-$900 depending on the size of the glass unit.

Tempered glass is much stronger than your average glass at about 4 times the resistance of your average plate glass unit. A tempered glass unit has a minimum compression of around 10,000 psi making it around four times stronger than a annealed glass unit.

Typically, tempered glass will cost more than your average glass unit. Tempered glass can take about seven business days to be manufactured, normally windows are boarded up and then when the glass is ready it would be installed.

You cannot make this style of glass unbreakable, tempered glass can break but it a very safe glass that shatters into small particles that do not usually cause major injuries.

Unfortunately, tempered glass can still be sharp and jagged if the fly around with extremely high windows such as in a storm they can still be dangerous.

Over many years double pane can crack, usually this happens from changes in the weather. Going quickly from hot to cold and cold to hot can cause issues in the pressure between your panes from where the argon gas sits. This will cause it to have pressure on the inside with no way out and will split or shatter you glass unit to escape.

It is usually much cheaper to replace just a glass unit than to replace the window itself costs can range from $85 for just the double pane glass to $700 for a brand-new window.

Yes, you can easily have a company come out to measure, inspect, and install a new glass unit into your current shattered or damaged door. This would be a tempered glass double pane unit that can take approximately seven days to manufacture. All tempered glass units are custom to the size requirements that you need for your setup.

Unfortunately, when you see cloudy glass in-between your panes of glass it is time for a brand-new glass unit. When you get “fog” or “steam” inside your glass it means that the seal has went bad on your unit and you will need a company to come out and put in a new glass unit.

A foggy window means that the seal in-between your two panes of glass has failed (allowing the argon gas to escape) and the only appropriate solution to this is to install a new double pane glass unit into your current window which can range from $85-$800 depending on the size of your glass.

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